Benghazi, Libya
September 11, 2012

Many conservatives refer to Barack Obama as “incompetent” in his job as President. Certainly the country is far worse off under him, with more than 20 million people unemployed and a national debt of $16 trillion, than we were under George W. Bush (and I was not a fan). It is hard to imagine why anyone would have expected Senator Present to have the remotest idea how to assume the role of Leader of the Free World. Yet enough people were taken in by soaring banalities to have voted this stunning mediocrity into the Presidency—an occurence consistent with what Obama has experienced throughout his entire life.

Barack Obama has kicked his way through open doors for 51 years. The self-aggrandizing platitudes that have portrayed him as underdog-who-faced-down-the-odds reveal a man who will never recognize or be grateful for the countless opportunities that have been handed to him. Obama once told Newsweek reporter Richard Wolff, “You know, I actually believe my own bull --—,” and why wouldn’t he? He has never been told anything other than that he is brilliant, a great and gifted orator, and the specialist of the special. How can he be expected to recognize his own prosaicness--that he is not particularly bright, his speeches are vapid and trite, and he is, in fact, a thin-skinned narcissist who overscores himself at every possible opportunity?

Worse, what many people suspect and few say out loud, Barack Obama is a bad man. People who recognize in the abstract that bad people exist, do not want to admit when they are seeing one—-particularly when he has a boyishly charming smile, a somewhat stylish wife, and two little girls (as if no bad man in history had a family he loved), and particularly when he is President of the United States. But no decent man could mock John McCain’s inability to send email, as Obama did in the 2008 campaign, when McCain’s inability was not a lack of knowledge but a physical debilitation borne of his savage treatment at the hands of his Viet Cong captors. No decent man could falsely accuse Mitt Romney of murdering a woman in a series of campaign ads. No decent man lies—-it is part of a degenerate character---and this man’s lies are so numerous it is difficult to keep track.

Yet his endless lies pale in comparison to his deliberate abandonment of American Ambassador Chris Stevens and his staff in Benghazi. Not only did the Obama administration deny numerous requests for increased security, but when the embassy was overrun by terrorists and begged for assistance, the administration gave a “Stand down” order that ultimately resulted in the deaths of four Americans. Obama—-cowardly, anti-American, traitorous Obama—-responded to the attack by skipping off to Las Vegas to schmooze with the likes of Jay-Z and Beyonce.

In typical Obama fashion, he now ducks questionsabout why he did not send help to the embassy in Benghazi, claiming the need to gather all “the facts,” which no doubt will require waiting until after the election. What facts need gathering, Mr. President? Did you or did you not know the embassy was under attack? If not, what personnel were responsible for telling you? This should not require weeks to find out—-it’s a pretty easily traceable chain of command. Did you or did you not deny a request for help from the embassy? That answer requires no investigation at all---the question is as straightforward as they come.

The fact is, Mr. Obama, you did not send help because you did not want to publicly admit that your claim to have “al-Qaeda on the run” was, like virtually everything else you say, a big fat lie. You piled lie upon lie, claiming the problem was that the Religion of Eternal Offense had been offended by an obscure film on YouTube and having your Secretary of State grovel on camera; then when the absurdity of that claim became undeniable, you claimed you were unaware of security threats to the Ambassador; that, too, was shown to be a lie when U.S. security chiefs testified that they were unable to get additional security despite numerous requests. You did not even bother to gather the Counter-Terrorism Security Groupwhen you knew the embassy was under attack.And now we are treated to photographs of you in the Situation Room during Hurricane Sandy, while not having answers about whether from that same room you watched Americans die without bothering to lift a finger in response to their pleas for help during seven hours of hell.

Just how far has America fallen that we have allowed this lying, treacherous scoundrel to assume the presidency and degrade the office once held by the greatest of patriots: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison? The United States of America, still the greatest country on earth, has lived a wishful make-believe in failing to recognize the character of this oily reprobate, in part because the news media has been so completely in the tank for Obama that they have actively suppressed stories that might cast a truthful and thus unflattering light on The One.

Obama must go. Vote Romney/Ryan.

~Shyla Lefever