I am woman, hear me roar.
~Helen Reddy

It has taken me this long to comment on the Sandra Fluke-Rush Limbaugh kerfuffle not because I have had no thoughts on the matter, but because each time I hear the hysterical shrieking by the Selective Civility Enforcement Squad about how Mr. Limbaugh needs to shut up right this very minute, I fear my eyes are going to roll so far back in my head that they will be unable to return to their correct position and I will be blinded for life.

As anyone with a television, Internet connection, or liberal co-worker knows, the hyperbole-prone Mr. Limbaugh used a vulgar word to refer to a naive 30-year-old pro-abortion Georgetown Law student/activist who believes that necessities such as birth control and gender-reassignment surgery should be forcibly paid for by people who strangely do not wish to foot the bill for something they find morally repugnant. In response, feminists immediately swooned and, between doses of smelling salts, from their fainting couches feverishly Tweeted about the terrible Republican “War on Women.” The conclusion that consequence-free sex funded by others upon demand is a basic human right is probably unavoidable for people who believe birth control is wildly unaffordable for students attending Georgetown Law School--surely after almost $50,000 year in tuition and fees, the condom fund must be all tapped out.

Of course, the brain trust that is the establishment media immediately climbed aboard the hysteria train, patting the hand and drying the tears of poor Miss Fluke and the shrieking harpies clamoring about victimization (these women could start a church called Our Womyn of the Perpetually Aggrieved). “Three thousand dollars per year for birth control? How awful, Ms. Fluke.” “The Catholic Church doesn’t want to be forced by the tyrannical Obama administration to fund what they believe is a mortal sin? Tsk tsk---thank Heaven (if we believed in it) you arrived in time, Ms. Fluke, to make them take their medicine and eat their peas.” “You don’t want to accept Mr. Limbaugh’s twice-offered apology because it would end your status as victim? Of course not, Ms. Fluke, and you can count on us to continue to carry water for everything you and our Fellow Travelers want.”

The question I want to hear them ask is, “If a coarse name is so hysteria-inducing in feminists and liberal men, why on earth do they trust women not only with voting, but in positions of authority?” It is no wonder Carl Jung referred to female thinking as “pseudo-logic”---women are strong and smart and capable and we must have one as President as long as it is not Sarah Palin and aren’t we lucky to have the Lefty-Ward-Cleaver-in-Chief to call one of our injured sisters to soothe her bruised feelings? It is hard for me to believe that the vote of one of these people counts the same as mine.

But perhaps I am too harsh. Perhaps women who crumble in the face of a cross word from a talk radio personality would be pillars of strength when facing America’s enemies, such as the Islamists who so desperately want them to cover up and embrace liberation under Sharia. Perhaps with a woman at the helm of America, our nation would sail into a future in which free everything is a human right and no one says an unkind word to anyone else, a world in which we finally see an end to women’s suffering. That is something we all should be able to support. We must end Women’s Suffrage now.

~Shyla Lefever