Computers make me totally blank out.~Dalai Lama

I have been gone much longer than expected when I said I’d be taking some time. During this absence, I have learned a few things about websites, or rather, about trying to have one:

1. Finding a web hosting“service" is a lot like shopping for a car, except you can’t look under the hood, there is no test drive, and the Corvette you paid for ends up being a Yugo under the hood.

2.If you are not an expert in software, programming, or geekspeak, you’d better buckle up—this is not going to be easy. If you are an expert on any of these, it will still not be easy.

3. If you change companies, something will go wrong. If you change companies twice, something will go wrong 20 times.

4.“24/7/365 Support” means you will get a response someday, and it will most likely be, “Good luck.

5. If you have a problem for two years, it is your problem, and yours alone, for two years, regardless of how many times you contact them, what they have told you they would do, or how often you point out that this is different from what the last guy said.

If you have a hosting service that is mostly good, for the love of all that is holy, try to stay with it. If it goes downhill—the reason I was shopping for a new service in the first place—stock up on alcohol.

~Shyla Lefever