Short words are best, and old short words are best of all. ~Churchill

Each year, Lake Superior State University publishes a list of words that should be banished from use thanks to “mis-use, over-use, and general uselessness.” In that vein, here are ten words/phrases I propose be banned from use, based solely upon their power to induce eye-rolling whenever I hear them:

  1. “Amazing” – The most useful definition is “astonishing.” Clearly, this applies to very little in life, particularly boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, or anyone’s children. I cannot imagine my parents, who love me and are proud of me, referring to me as “amazing” even if I flew to the moon by flapping my arms.
  2. “Awesome” – “Extremely impressive or daunting.” If you are experiencing something “awesome” and you are not in the United States military referring to one of your comrades, you need to get out more. No, whatever it is, it is not awesome.
  3. “Level” – Anything referring to some “level,” as in “on so many levels” or “a whole other (or worse, “nother”) level.” What on earth do you mean? This is just lazy.
  4. “Be it,” “Be they,” and any other abuse of “be” – Whatever happened to the perfectly respectable word “whether”? People who can barely write identifiable English nevertheless pepper their work with “be they.”
  5. “Finalized” – What ever happened to finished? This really goes for anything “ized”—it’s not better just because you bastardized the language to get it (see what I did there?).
  6. “Thank you in advance”– Although this seems to be an effort at politeness, the skeptical side of me says this is an effort to manipulate me into doing something. No.
  7. “Deal with it.” – This is meant to be a clever dismissal that dazzles one’s opponent into silence, but instead, it seems both churlish and trite.
  8. “Ginormous” – What?
  9. “Jive” – This is simply because it seems no one, including reporters, journalists, and bloggers, knows the word “jibe.”
  10. “It’s all good” – No, it’s not. This is so absurdly and demonstrably false that anyone who uses it should be required to wear a dunce cap for life.

Have an annoying word or phrase? Let me know and perhaps I’ll add it to the list--or perhaps I’ll follow LSSU’s lead and make this an annual post. Or perhaps not.

~Shyla Lefever