About Us


The Internet is both a blessing and a curse. It has enabled citizens to break free of the gatekeepers of traditional information sources which, ideally, would make for a responsible citizenry. Unfortunately, it has also enabled every malevolent person with a computer and a connection to spew hatred without accountability. Traditionally, one was held accountable for one’s behavior by the community, but for all the talk of Internet “community,” what really seems to exist is groups of people who gather, but don’t hold each other to standards of decency.

Vigorous debate is good for society; recklessness fueled by anonymity is not. We stand behind our words, as men and women do. The purpose of this website is to put forth ideas that are worthy of contemplation and debate. Intellectual honesty is a must; clear thinking is a must. Recognizing that this is a private website is a must. We don’t control what goes on outside our metaphorical doors; nevertheless, we engage the world with great hope that the vast majority of Americans are decent, freedom-loving people who seek the truth and reject the malignant commentary that is given free rein on many blogs.

So, if our philosophy appeals to you, welcome. We don’t promise to post material daily, or even weekly, but we do promise a commitment to the pursuit of good ideas.